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Real Customer Testimonials

We hate it when we buy software from a retail store and find out that it doesn't work after we open the box and put it on our computer. To make matters worse, retail stores won't even let you return your purchase!

That's why we offer a Free Trial so that you can make sure it works on your computer and that you like our products, as well as a generous 90-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want our customers to be happy, and being a small business, we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy. We rely on word-of-mouth advertising, so we will do what we can to make you happy with your purchase.

Here's just some of the things our customers have said to me while I've personally responded to their questions and helped them make word searches and crosswords.  If you have something nice to say, email me and I'll add it to this list. If you have complaints, email me as well! I'd like to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Names have been shortened to protect privacy.

Steve Bushman
VP Customer Relations

        Steve: Thanks for such a prompt answer. I have only asked one question before and POW your answer was right back to me, thanks. You truly live up to your image on your web site.
        Bill P.

        Steve - just wanted to say I love your crossword creator program!
        thanks for making my life a little easier and more fun!

        Wow! I just finished a 50 word crossword, regenerated it 5 times with speed and ease, printed the puzzles and answers, saved it to my interwrite software for interactive use during review with my class, all in about 20 minutes. I am very happy so far with what I have done with the program.
        Thanks again, Debbie F.

        I want to thank you again for your contribution to education. I use your website every week to make bingo cards for my reading groups. It is a wonderful site.
        Sincerely, Brenda C. B.

        Mr. Steve I finally got my 13 colonies crossword done. It came out great THANKS A BUNCH.
        Ally D. (and Mom)

        Let me just say I am thrilled to find a company with such great
        support and customer service! Thank you for your prompt response.
        Thanks, Kelly

        Thank you! This saved me so much time making a lesson plan!

        Woohoo! We are having a luau in my library at school and I found your website! Couldn't ask for a more convenient website to create worksheets and games for kids! Yay! Thanks so much! My kids are going to love luau BINGO on Monday!!
        Rebecca Z.

        Glad to hear it. Do you mind if I use your kind words on a testimonial's page?

        Go for it!! I'll definitely be back to use your site again!
        Rebecca Z.

        Thank you for responding to my email last week. My kids just love the Word Searches, and today I bought the Super Crossword Creator. I've tried so many others and quickly lost interest. Your programs are so easy to use, professional looking, and are kid-friendly. Thanks again!
        P.S. - The future owner of Super Crossword Creator is a CUTE baby!
        Sincerely, Carol L.

        Ok, Crossword Creator was the 2nd free trial I downloaded. The first one was extremely hard to figure out & after 10 minutes I gave up & deleted it. Your creation, the 2nd free demo I downloaded, was so easy a 7 year old could surely do it if only they could spell better.
        After 10 or 15 minutes I went back to your website & purchased the CD. I am so glad you offer a CD because I am always leery about buying products that do not have the CD out of fear of losing the program forever if I change computers or my hard drive goes out.
        This is going to make great Christmas presents. I will give puzzles out as a second present to certain people. I am making a Harry Potter crossword for my wife & kids that I will surprise them with at Christmas. As a matter of fact, I want to put together 10-20 puzzles for my wife as a package somehow. Just not sure how I’ll bind it yet. I do not want to simply put them in a notebook. I cannot think of any suggestions for you. I think you have pretty much perfected it.
        Jimmy McP.

        Thank YOU.
        I've been looking for something like this, for my MAC, and finally found it. I just finished our family Christmas Day crossword puzzle using only things our family would know - or care about. Can't wait to spring it on against women... ages 4 - 65. It will become an annual tradition.

        Super Crossword Creator is such an easy program to use, much better that way than other programs I've used. Classroom teachers will find it great, and those of us who are in other venues will too, if a free-form format is to your liking.
        When you purchase it, you are given a very clear, step-by-step Tutorial video to start you off. What further impressed me right away was that once I'd purchased the program, and had a few questions, Steve Bushman IMMEDIATELY got back to me with answers, and it was a Sunday---that's great customer service! He stayed right with me until all items were taken care of by evening.
        Features that I found invaluable were the 'Regenerate Crossword' which allowed me to choose a more vertical or horizontal layout, plus in the next stage, Publishing to a Microsoft Word Document, PDF Document, and Image Document.
        H.H., Boston, Mass.

        Today I bought your product. Nice work by the way. It is probably the best I have seen.
        Sterling R. D.

        Thank you so much for the disc-both of the puzzles are on it and I have downloaded them-thank you sooo much

        Thanks, Steve!
        I will be sure to pass the word about this great software!
        This is being used for a big project...and I'm sure everyone will ask how I accomplished this so quickly and efficiently!!!
        Thanks, again!
        Vickie H.

        Great, do you mind if I use what you wrote on a testimonials page?

        Sure....since you provided me with such great customer service! :)
        Vickie H.

        I would like to say WOW!! Thank you for showing that business people can have some integrity!
        Again - I truly thank you for accepting my request for a refund - you've renewed my faith in humankind!
        All the best.

        THANK YOU. I was searching for a simple way to create Bingo cards to review exam material in my wild and wooly Algebra 1 Repeater class. (All 27 had failed the class at least once!) Your site is awesome! In a matter of minutes I had a review game that kept even the determined do-nothings in the group involved and excited. Keep up the great work!
        Rhoda Meier

        Thanks for the quick response!
        Believe it or not, in this time when getting business is hard for a company due to the economic times, many companies have very poor customer services. Yours is great and I will look into more products from your company.
        Thanks again, Mike

        Thank you for responding so quickly! I love the products!
        Love the product! Keep-up the Great Work!!

        Hi, I haven't been to your site in a few years. I forgot about it, but glad I browsed upon it again. My name is (Jackie)from Chicago, Il, It is I, who created the Physics and ACT/PSAE Vocabulary Prep. Bingo Cards. I like your site for doing such and glad I could share it with others. I even recognized another science creator puzzle I did a few years ago. Thanks and keep up the work so teachers can share the creations.

        Hi Steve,
        What a wonderful product! I am going to grad school 30 years after completing my undergraduate degree and things have changed for the better!
        This was a great tool and I had a blast doing the project for my Psychology of Music class.
        Thank you SO much!
        My professor asked people to raise their hands if they enjoyed the assignment and I said it was a blast with your program. Some students didn't have as great results with the programs they used and some didn't think to find a program on the computer and did it by hand.
        After making the puzzle we had to write a narrative of how the process of deciding how to tackle the assignment was carried out and I mentioned your product by name. :0)
        It is a psychology of music class so I think she enjoys watching us process as well as she enjoys teaching us.
        Thanks again!
        Sharon E. P.

        Thanks soooo much. Your quick help is very nice.
        Have a great day, Peggy

        Outstanding customer service - thanks.
        Jeanne B.

        Thanks Steve,
        Your program is awesome. Easy to use & I really like the ability to save as a pdf to keep in my lesson folders for the next year.
        David J.

        This is great software --- thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As an educator in Newport News VA this will come in VERY handy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Paula J.

        Thank you so much!! Super software!!!
        Your puzzles are fun to make!
        I'll be happy to advertise your software on my site for math teachers.
        Terri H.

        hey this was really easy to use!
        Thank you!

        Thank you!!!! You (and your puzzle creators) rock!
        I use your puzzle creator for every Unit test for vocabulary for my high school students. They get the puzzle as a review. The puzzle is like its own institution!

        I really appreciate the way that you showed concern for the issue that I was having with the software. Thank you so much for your assistance!
        I am the children's ministry team leader at our church, and we have a new series of six books about missionaries each year. This year, we are going to use your crossword puzzle generator to allow the children to focus more on each of the books. I am creating activity sheets for them, and I really think that after they groan for a little while they will really like doing the crossword puzzles. Thanks again for your help!
        Thanks, Becky

        I did use your program every week to teach vocabulary for Language arts, histoy and math. The kids always loved to get them, even when they were very, very tough!
        Thanks, Nancy S.


        It was very user friendly. I loved that it could be saved to a Word document because I saw a mistake that I was able to correct and you could also insert a picture or whatever before printing! I am doing one for our family reunion and for each of my grand children. Going to make my own birthday cards and create a crossword about the person I am sending it to or about birthdays, anniversary, baby showers, bridal showers. Also, my husband's retirement party. You can get really creative and it does all the work for you! I'm 62 but any age would love this. Great for Sunday School teachers and classrooms in general. I'm thinking of doing one each week as a fun learning tool for our office for training purposes. We have level entry employees that we train and this would make learning a lot more fun! The video on your site is a great idea and shows how simple it can be. Great gift for Christmas. Oh yeah...great tool for those of us who are retiring and wanting to keep our brains active! Anyway...thanks again for this fun and creative software!

        I've purchased (and used) the Crossword Puzzle Maker. Thank you. It's been a pleasure dealing with competence!!
        Thank You, David Hennessey

        Thanks for your time and help ---- and the cd is great --- on my home computer I have made quite a few of them that I use with my class and they love them and so do I!!!

        I am VERY happy.
        I appreciate your customer service

        I ordered both of your puzzles to use in my magazine. I love them so much. I selected yours out of all the ones I look at on the internet because it allowed me the opportunity to customize it and print a sample. Knowing what it would look like in advance, and to see if I had the technical skills to use the program were the determining factors.
        It was worth the money!
        Cassandra G. S.

        Your crossword program is even better than the old Crossword Magic.
        I bought your Word Search program, too.
        Thank you for having good products available.
        And Quick!!!!!
        Pamela H.

        I absolutely love the ease at which I can design a puzzle. I teach a management certification program and I also love to have fun while I'm teaching. We are covering how adults learn next week and I wanted each student to find something that they could teach others. My desire is to show how many different techniques one can come with to help others learn. I told my class that I would be teaching them to count to ten in spanish. After the mini-lecture, the test will be the crossword puzzle. It turned out well.
        Thanks again for your creativity.

        I really LOVE the program. It is a terrific product.
        Sarah, a High School Spanish teacher

        I was able to create a Crossword Puzzle for my Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Training class this past Wednesday. Everybody loved it and thought it was challenging. Kudos to you!

        Hello, I love this program! It's so user-friendly and QUICK! I have recommended it to all of my teaching colleagues.
        Thank you.
        Christy S.

        It's a pleasure to deal with a business that is more 'family' than 'business'! Thank you for being this way, Steve! : )
        Since you say you want your company to be one that cares about the customers, I would say you are well on your way!

        I want to thank you again for your contribution to education. I use your website every week to make bingo cards for my reading groups. It is a wonderful site.
        Sincerely, Brenda C. B.

        Thanks for the quick response. I am a teacher in high school and I plan to use your product to create review work toward my final exam. I have sampled many downloaded programs and this one is great.
        Thanks, Debbie F.

        Just wanted to brag on "Super Crossword Creator". It was absolutely amazing and so easy to use. Thanks too for the "extra" stuff and great support. Not many companies would have gone that extra mile!
        Thanks for saving me!
        Susan L., Elementary Educator

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